Sunday, December 4, 2011

Extreme Room Makeover

For Faith's birthday TJ really wanted to get her princess bedding.  Of course, we both had to take it to the next level and switch her room to the spare bedroom, repaint the walls and woodwork and do a complete princess theme.  All while keeping it a surprise from Sis who only thinks we're painting her new room.  Oh, and have it done by Saturday when her party is!  I'm actually supposed to be wiping down the woodwork right now, but I'm gathering my ideas instead. 

Here's the basic outline of the room:

The wall are going to be pink with one wall having wide stripes.  Oh, here's a little information- Disney has their own paint colors that only match their bedding. Of course, you do, Disney. Of course, you do.

Reading nook complete with cushions and tangled lanterns

They aren't going to look like this, but this is the idea

This bedding that Daddy loves and Moma tolerates

On her bed that already is similar to this with matching hutch dresser

At then end of her bed will be a dress up area with her vanity set she already loves and a shelf of hooks on the wall for her dress up things  
(can't find a picture online of her vanity)

These in gallery type set up 

And we have those crazy 1/2 circle windows that you can't cover to save your soul so I'm going to cover it with this tangled painting just big enough to cover the size 

I'm looking for some type of rug for the middle, but I'm cheap so I'll probably wait until I find one on sale.  I also want something on the wall her bed is against.  I have 4 large canvases I think I'm going to put Bible verses on.  There are a few more personal details I'm going to add, but there's no way to really describe them without sounding crazy.

I'll post pictures when I'm finished. This should be a fun and crazy week, but that's the Aragon Life! 

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