Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Home Again, Home Again, Jiggity Jig

When vacationing with an 18-month old baby:

1.  DO take along a dvd player of some sort.  God bless Ariel and Sebastian.  They saved my life with their calypso grooves.
2. DON'T expect your child to eat a single vegetable the whole week.  Even when your child has a diet of 50% fresh fruit and vegetables they will not eat one on vacation.  (Not that there were any available, but I'm just saying.)
3. DO budget money for a pedicure when you get home.  Even if you don't believe in pedicures, you will need one if you ever want your husband to cuddle with you again. 
4. DON'T bring any type of reading materials for yourself.  The books will stay in the door pocket of your car where you packed them so just forget about it.
5. DO let your husband's aunts take your child on walks and play with them when they ask.  It's the only 10 minutes of rest you'll get that day.
6. DON'T get upset when people continually tell you "Amanda, you look tired" after waking up at 5:00 am, catching a train to Santa Fe, walking miles around Santa Fe being led by two men that feel a happy pace is running, chasing a 1 year old around the square, and taking a 2 hour train ride home with a baby that didn't nap a lick. 
7. DO go to Sonic and get a Route 44 DDP at 10pm after your baby goes to sleep just to get out of the house.  Who cares if people think you're crazy!  Its your vacation and you can enjoy it however you want.
8. DON'T stop and eat at real restaurant on the way home.  People will look at you like you are homeless or just escaped from the prison down the highway.  Just a get a dang Happy Meal and call it good.
9. DO let your husband take you for a ride in the hills on a 4-wheeler.  Its pretty, a smidge scary, and you'll get a good laugh when a bug goes right down his throat going 60mph on the ditch bank.
10. DON'T get upset when your child sneaks off, finds a container of salt, and pours it throughout the house on the carpet.  Just go through and move it around with your shoes until its unnoticeable.  I know, I'm horrible, but I don't care.

Please feel free to comment and leave your own tips for traveling with toddlers.  I'd like to know what kind of company I'm in.


  1. DON'T pay 50 cents to light a candle at one of the Catholic churches you went to. God doesn't charge for prayers and I'm offended.

  2. That was so funny! Although I have a feeling some of it wasn't funny at the time! Next week I am flying with my 15 month old to MI....a 15 month old boy that does not sit still or be quiet for one second! I am NOT looking forward to that one! I'll take all the tips I can get!

  3. OH, and I'm doing it by myself, without the hubs!

  4. I think some of your toddler tips will apply to my vacation with 4 men ages 25-30! Wish me luck. Maybe I will write a companion blog to yours.

  5. I've got nothing for vacationing with a toddler, but I had a pretty good traveling with the shorts lesson on my blog. march I think?!

    And Bwahahahaha about TJ and the bug. SUCKA!

  6. This made me laugh so hard! You are hilarious!!! Could totally picture these things happening!


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