Thursday, July 15, 2010

Blunder of the Week, Part 1

Last Wednesday I loaded up Faith for her first mini concert.  The Sugar-Free Allstars were playing at our library and I knew she would just love it.  I dressed her cute and funky and put her hair in dog ears so everyone would think she was adorable.  (I mean, really, if you've seen the kid you know she's the cutest thing EVER, but I can add at least a point or two of cuteness with the right clothes and hair accessories.) Back to the story, I pull into the library and there are just a few cars there.  I, of course, start bashing Noble and how nothing is ever going to grow there if people don't take advantage of the opportunities that come our way and we look like we don't give a rip about those things when we don't show up and on and on and on.  Now, its just me and Faith in the car so she looks at me like I'm wweird and I move on immediately. "Well, WE are are going to show the Sugar-Free Allstars how cool we are, Faith.  We're going to go in their and rock them out with your amazing intellect and my superior early childhood development know-how."  Again, crickets from the little one in the back.  Tough crowd, I think.  So I unload Faith and walk in.  We're quickly ushered by a nice lady to the "children's program" in the back, but when we walk in there was just a lady with a basket of books.  No guitars, no men in brightly colored shirts, no Sugar-Free Dang Allstars!!!!  I, of course, play it off like nothings wrong at that we're there for whatever is going on.  But I was fuming.  I HAD COME ON THE WRONG DAY!!!!  And it wasn't like they were going to be there on Thursday so all was well, they had been there the day before.  The day when I was sitting at home with Faith telling her about how much fun she was going to have tomorrow when we went to the library!  Faith had fun at story time, and she even got to pick out a book and a bag of goodies.  And she didn't know any different.  So I guess all's well that ends well.  But still, people. Still. 


  1. Oh no, we hate that you guys missed the show! We'll be playing around town again soon and look forward to meeting Faith.

    Chris "Boom!" Wiser
    Sugar Free Allstars

  2. i know i seem a little melodramatic but there aren't many things as earth-shattering to me as realizing you completely missed something you were really looking forward to when you really weren't doing anything noteworthy anyways. i haven't had the priviledge of knowing the sugar free allstars yet but i'm sure you both would have impressed them with how rad y'all are.


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