Thursday, April 1, 2010

That Was Then

This was the day I graduated from OU.  2005.  Right?  I think so, I'm not sure what year it was now that I think about it.  I think we look pretty dang good.  New beginnings, new jobs, new car, new excitements.

This was yesterday.  2010.  I know that's the right year.  What has changed?  Well, TJ has new Oakley's, I have new chins, and we have a new sunglasses wearing friend in a big kid carseat.  In the same car.

Honestly, some days I think about the first picture and long for it.  A time when sleeping in meant waking up when I wanted to wake up, not sleeping until 7am.  I think about a time when fixing my hair meant more than brushing it dry on the way to work in the morning.  I think I have on lip gloss in the first picture, now I don't even own lip gloss.  Will I ever get to enjoy eating a meal and not get a fork or cup thrown at me or over the high chair eighty-seven jillionty times?  Who knows? 
I DO know the second picture makes me smile more.  Mostly because Faith's glasses are a smidge crooked from carrying them around for a year.  Also because I get to scroll through the ten pictures I took to get this one and laugh at how hilarious our faces look.  And because our life now is fuller than its ever been.  If I had to choose, I choose door #2.  I can't wait to see what happens next.


  1. You crack me up! You are so funny when you write! I love reading your blog and I love you!

  2. To answer your question, no. You will never ever get to enjoy a hot meal of your own. I guess you didn't get the memo that your food tastes better, even if it IS the same thing.

    I like the second door better too. Mainly because I know you and TJ are totally awesome people and Little Miss makes you guys that much more.



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