Sunday, February 17, 2013

Resolution Check

Here's a check up on my new year's resolutions.  Be gentle with me.

2- two goals for the year (that is actually 4 goals)
1. Be thankful and show that I'm thankful.  I WAS taking time every day to write down what I was thankful for and I was using my Facebook status to keep myself accountable and to show people that focusing on the positive makes us more positive.  THEN a really frustrating thing happened- someone questioned my intentions of posting it on Facebook.  I tried to explain what I was doing, but they made me feel inches tall, like I was posting it for some sort of weird attention.  I wanted to punch her (maybe anger management classes should've been somewhere on this list) because it was of pure intent.  All I was trying to do was focus on what God has blessed me so greatly with and share that with others and she made me feel like some weird attention whore.  It made me so mad I quit doing it that day.  Shame on her.  But really shame on me because she probably doesn't even care that she is a jerk and I stopped doing something that made a difference in my life and others.  So I guess I wasn't doing such a great job of focusing on the positive that day which I am just now realizing.  Nothing like a blog gut check.  Lesson learned.  Picking it back up today.
2.  Be healthy.  25% success.  I eat a fiber bar for breakfast so I don't snack throughout the day and somewhat of a healthy dinner.  Lunch is scavenged in my class fridge and NEVER filling or healthy.  And working out is non existent.  Because I'm damn tired when I FINALLy sit down at 10pm and I'm not getting on the treadmill.  I am having to learn to give myself a little grace here because all of my friends are at different points in their lives right now.  They're all Stellas getting their grooves back and I have a 4 month old baby.  My life is different than theirs right now and I WILL GET THERE. It's just not going to be today and that's okay.    That being said, I gave away all my fat clothes before I got pregnant with Silas and now I only have a few pairs of jeans, one pair of slacks, and one dress that fit me while allowing me to breathe so I've got to do something quick.
3. Be organized.  50% success.  Its coming together nicely and we can taste the fruits of our labor.  Now if we could only hire a maid. I kid, I kid.
4. Be more adventurous.  HA.  I'm sleepy, y'all.  And the hilarious thing is when I think about this, I laugh at what my ideas of adventurous are compared to other people's ideas.  You'll see soon enough...

0- something you want to stop doing
Spending unwisely.  Back to Dave Ramsey we go.  And I have a love/hate relationship with this man.  Like, if I saw him, I'm probably hug him, but then make faces to the people behind him.

1- one place to visit
Beaver's Bend.  100% success.  We are going this summer. Funny how the ONE resolution I've completed is one that takes absolutely no sacrifice whatsoever.

3- three things I want to learn (that's actually 4 things because one thing I've never learned is how to do is edit.)
1- Study the Bible.  50% success.
2. Knit or crochet. 0% success except I found my instructional DVD and I have the supplies. So I'm bumping that up to 10%.
3. Learn to drive a standard.  I see a date night in our near future.
4. Play the guitar better.  Here's a funny story.  I inquired about guitar lessons from a wonderful guitar player I know and he told me that the best way to go about it these days is to get on youtube and use their guitar lessons.  Great idea, I THOUGHT.  I honestly locked myself in my room with my Kindle and guitar and settled in for some guitar instruction. But then Faith knocked.  And I could hear Silas crying.  And Faith kept knocking.  And the internet was being cantankerous.  And I started calculating how much time I'd already spent away from my kids that day while the video was loading. Then I shut the  Kindle and gave up the dream.  (I obviously haven't given up the dream of being hopelessly over dramatic about everything.)  So I hope that I can carve out time for this, but truly it might have to go by the wayside for now.

So there's my resolution check.  It can only go up from here, right?

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  1. I didn't get enough of you at book buddies, so I am stalking you, per the usual. I'd make faces behind Dave Ramsay too.


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