Friday, February 22, 2013

31 Years- The Best Celebration of All

My 30th birthday was a bust.  It was absolutely my own fault, but a bust nonetheless.  This year I told TJ that all I wanted for my birthday was to spend real time with my best friend.  No, not him.  My best girl friend, Corrie. She's the mac to my cheese.  The peanut butter to my jelly.  The sugar to my spice.  She lives like a zillion miles away and when she's here we get to spend a handful of hours together, but I needed something more substantial.  Time where we didn't have to rush through everything, watching our watches for the next feeding or naptime or obligation.  I had no idea how it was going to happen, but CORRIE MADE IT HAPPEN.

IT. WAS. HEAVEN.  Seriously, heaven. I don't even know how to share the details because it was so wonderful that I can't write it adequately and I don't want you to think it was mediocre.  Because it was so far past wonderful that it would be a tragedy for you to not fulling understand it.

Mostly, I can just say this.  Friendship is rare and should be treasured as such.  I have been incredibly blessed by God for having Corrie in my life.  She understands exactly what I mean, the words and the insinuations and the eyebrow raises and the tears.  She is forgiving and kind and loving and honest and wild and crazy and everything I'm not and everything I am.

Her husband Brent, is equally wonderful.  He's just crazy enough and just not crazy enough to keep us out of trouble.  He's kept us from getting gobs of horrible group tattoos (some of which I still think are great ideas, by the way) and reigns us in when we're out of line.  He is so loving and kind and perfect for the job God has put him in.  He's talked me through times when I thought God was an absolute crock and I just love him so much.

My something more substantial included lunch at Coriander Cafe, shopping, dinner, a THUNDER GAME, a secret gift, girl talk at the freakin' SKIRVIN HOTEL, waking up to snow, an amazingly delicious brunch, and a relaxing ride home.  It was just what I wanted for my birthday and I loved it so much. 
It was the four of us again for part of the night and I just can't explain how good that felt.  It used to be the four of us every single night practically. And even though we pine for those days, we know that these are the days God has blessed us with now. And we are so grateful for them.

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