Saturday, January 12, 2013

Naming Silas Ray

We put a lot of stock in names.  They don’t just have to be “good” names or a name we like.  I feel like names are the first form of identity given to a person so they are of the utmost importance to me.  Of course, they need to be “good,” we do need to like them, and we try to keep the middle school years in mind.
Silas is not named after Si Robertson on Duck Dynasty.  That, my friends, is an unfortunate coincidence.  We also did NOT pick it because its one of the up and coming names.  On the contrary, that fact actually annoys me.  And no, we don’t just open a Bible, close our eyes and point. 

So without further adieu, Silas’ namesake.

Silas is named after Silas in the Bible.  Silas was a man chosen by his church to go with Paul on some of his journeys.  He was a leader among the people.  That in itself is important.  But what was more important to me was the following.
On one particular journey Paul and Silas were stripped, beaten and thrown in jail.  I can imagine they were in bad shape that night, bloody and bruised, half clothed and chained.  In the middle of the night he and Paul were singing and praising God and the other prisoners sat quietly, listening and clinging to every word.  God took notice of this. Major notice of this.  Right then an earthquake shook the jail and all the prisoners, including Silas, were loosed from their chains and could’ve headed for the hills, for the doors were shaken open. But they stayed and the jailer met God that night.
That is who I want my son to be.  A man of God, a leader among his people, chosen by them to share God with others.  But more- when Silas praised God, God chose to come and make Himself known.  THAT is who I want my son to be.  A man who worships, praises, lives for God in such a way that God displays himself in ways that no one can deny.  Not because of my son, but through my son.
Silas also means  “in the forest” or “in the woods.”  That part needs no explanation if you know my husband.  He is totally himself in the woods.  I absolutely adore that about my husband.  

Silas’ middle name is TJ’s maternal grandpa’s middle name.  He is one of TJ’s biggest mentors, only second to his own dad.  It is not unlike TJ’s papa to see a need and put together a benefit raising thousands of dollars within the month.  He will make you mend fence on Thanksgiving morning and then tell you to “put that on your resume.”  He has helped put people through college just because he saw the need.  He tells it like it.  He is a better shot that me and he’s blind in one eye.  He worked his hands bloody every day of his life in the oil fields.  He had a MASSIVE stroke and has come back stronger than any stroke victim I’ve ever seen.  He’s a brawler and he cries when he holds my babies. He’s almost a legend to me, but he’s actually real. We love that man.  TJ is that man.  Silas Ray will be that man.

We love our Silas Ray.  

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