Friday, May 18, 2012

Telling The Sister

TJ and I went back and forth about when and how to tell Faith.  But we ended up with her telling us...kinda.
We knew what was up (obviously, duh!), but hadn't said a single word in front of Faith.  She started telling US that we were going to have a baby.   TJ and I were sure that my mom was feeding her the line, but then Faith started telling us God told her.  Upon further conversation she start telling us that God had been coming into her room and kissing her head and telling her that we were going to have a baby.  I mean, God has never spoken to me audibly, but I'm not doubting His desire, willingness, or ability to meet my baby in her pink striped princess room and show her love.  And I will say this, she is no-joke serious when she talks about it.
We did, though, actually sit down and talk to her after our second doctor's appointment.  And while she obviously wasn't surprised, she WAS ecstatic.  She started bouncing and squealing on the couch and had the most beautiful smile on her face.  We put her big sister shirt on and drove her around the countryside telling our parents.
We almost got to tell everyone before it got to Facebook.  Too bad not everyone got a phone call.  We know who to tell last now, though, if we ever have another child.

This coming week the sister gets to find out if she will have a baby brother or sister to show the ropes to.  We find out on Tuesday then onto names!  Exciting stuff around her.

As far as how I'm feeling- I'm ready for the last week of school to come to an end.  Exhaustion isn't even the right word.  Whatever is about 2 steps past exhaustion is how I feel.  Probably mile 11 or 12 of a half-marathon, for my runner friends.  Today I wore my Bella Band with my pants unbuttoned for the first time and I'm convinced I will look like a mix between the Loch Ness Monster and a rhino by the end of September.  I've apologized to TJ in advance.

Lastly, we are trying to find a place to move Faith to for preschool.  Her MDO teachers are leaving and we are uneasy and unsettled about the other class at her school.  We feel like we need to be thankful for our time there and find another place for her. Problem- my first choice is too far away from our house and doesn't meet our needs right now.  And is more expensive for much less time at school.  Please pray that God would give us a clear choice of where he wants Faith to go to school- where she would have teachers that love Jesus and her, friends that she can love and love her, and that her early-childhood-development-crazy moma knows her developmental needs are being met.  Seems like a big bill, but I know God will show us.  All prayers appreciated.

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