Thursday, September 9, 2010

Resolution Check - September Style

1. Guests at the house- We have A LOT of our family over for the first OU game.  My sister and my neice came and spent Labor Day weekend with us too!  Faith was so cute with all our family.  She only remembers some of their names so she just calls them whatever one she can remember at the time.  My sister Heather was walking down the hall and Faith was posed in a stance yelling, "She-uh!  Nomie!  Emmy!  Shea!"  If you don't speak Perkins that's "Sheila! Nonnie! Emily! Shea!" 

But by far her favorite is Un John!  She loves that guy- maybe because he dotes over her every minute he's with her.  They're also birthday buddies and have matching eyes!  I SWEAR she belongs to TJ though, she's got his attitude.

2. Guitar- School started.  Enough said. I couldn't even tell you where my guitar is right now.  I think our closet.

3. Weight-  I have great news for all of you who don't care about my weight.  I am losing weight.  So you don't have to hear my whine like a baby anymore about the plight of the chubby girl.  I don't want to reveal my plan just yet, but its working.

4. Blog- Done and done.

5. Camera- trying, but its such a bitty of a camera.

6. Lesson Plans- 4 weeks in and we're still going strong. 

7. Garden- Done and done.

8. Hair- I got roots, man.  No time. 

9. Water- This is part of #3 so I won't beat a dead horse.

10. Decorate the Bedroom- Its as done as its gonna get for now.  I'm going to make a duvet cover sometime.  Maybe over fall break.

Oh, and just in case you've forgotten my child is adorable:


  1. she IS adorable! i logged in to another computer so i could catch up on your blog. mine is so stupid after i watched a youtube video that wasn't worth my time or the havoc it reeked on our computer afterwards.

  2. haha! i forgot i even posted that comment. i bet you're like, "enough already with the stupid youtube story!!!" SORRY! i knew i read a few of your entries but i guess i was reading them backwards. i'm a ding-dong. glad you're still my friend!


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