Sunday, March 9, 2014

Resolution Check

OK.  About those resolutions.  I'm actually doing better than I thought I'd be.  Usually it takes me a little longer to get going, but this year I feel confident with where I'm headed.

1. Acts of Hospitality (mostly focused on inside my home, but outside too).
I want my house to be a home.  I want people to stop by.  Come over for dinner. Sit on the back porch by the fire pit.  Exhale and feel comfortable.
Y'ALL. We jumped into this one feet first.  We are hosting small group for our church.  I'm excited, scared, and praying no one opes the tupperware cabinet.

2. Document 1000 gifts. Without quitting. Even if people question my intentions.
I WAS doing this, but I quit because someone questioned my intentions. How foolish of me.  So I'm starting again. (Maybe one of my resolutions would be to quit caring what people think about me so much...)
In my head. Once in a while on paper. 

3. The baby books.  For the love of God, the baby books!
There's no explanation.  Just do it, man!
I"m saving this for summer.

4. Trip to Disney.
Booked, y'all.  BOOM.
This one might be getting postponed.  TJ has a major test at working coming up and the date is unknown.  

5. Go see TJ's grandpa in NM
Love this man. Love this family.  I would adore going at the time of the balloon festival so we will just have to see how it all plays out. 
He's coming in May, but I still want to go see him.  

6. Tone down thighs and waist (I'm talkin' inches, people!)
I'm continuing to jog.  I need to find a plan for this one.  I guess I'll go to Pinterest. Where all the trainers hang out.
I realized that to take off inches, you actually have to know what you're inches are.  I didn't take my inches at the beginning of this shindig, so I found some old paper with my inches when I was first expecting Si and didn't know it yet. Let's just say I've gone down from there, but I still ahve a ways to go.

7. Finish a 5K (actual race, not in my neighborhood.)
Signed up. BOOM.
I had to give someone else my place because my race coincided with the firefighter's ball.  Which, by the way, is prom for people that can drink legally.  Probably not going to go again. BUT I did get an AWESOME for me time the other night. I was so friggin proud I couldn't quit smiling.  That was evident when Faith looked at me crazy-eyed and said, "Why do you look like that?!?!"

8. Sell stuff that's clogging our lives.
I loathe garage sales and I get nervous for people to come scope out stuff I've put on Craigslist.  Any ideas for how to sell stuff another way?
Oh, if spring EVER GETS HERE, I am having the yard sale to end all yard sales.  Then I'm tossing the rest or making a goodwill trip.  We have to get rid of this STUFF! 

9. FINISH.  
I know alot of people have a focus word for the year as opposed to resolutions.  I would say that if I had to have a word it would be FINISH. I can sometimes crap out at the end and I dislike that.  So I want to finish well.
Praying and working and praying. 

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