Thursday, April 26, 2012


I knew that 2012 was going to be a good year.

I had my list of things I wanted to accomplish and my plan was in action.  I was choosing God's best for me, surrounding myself with joy, and making sure that I was sharing Jesus with people around me.  I was enjoying choosing a more healthy lifestyle and was combining that with working out and better eating habits.  I was feeling great and doing Insanity again, this time- determined NOT to give up. Ever. Ever. Again.
Around the beginning of February I was doing Insanity and just felt really unbalanced.  I could barely get through the opening warm up without stumbling over myself.  I chalked it up to a mental thing and kept pushing through.  With about 10 minutes left I started getting really light headed and dizzy so I stepped into the living room to walk it off and let TJ know if he heard the house rattle it wasn't another earthquake, it was me falling over.  He told me not to push it, but I just KNEW it was a mental thing so I headed back in to pick up where I left off and finish this jerk of a workout.  I seriously did about 2 more minutes and waved the white flag.  It was absolutely the WEIRDEST feeling ever.  I've told my body "no, not gonna finish" more times that I can count, but I've never had my body say "NO" to me.
I was beyond frustrated.  Hacked off, really.  Here I was, trying to put my health and self first, and my body was meeting me with a talk to the hand.  There goes my 2012, I thought.  I can't even get through two months without failing!
A few days later I understood that my body wasn't telling me no, it was telling me, "hey, we've got bigger fish to fry, here!"  Because unbeknownst to me, I was expecting a BABY!!!!!!  Holy cow!  So 2012 was going to be big, but not in the way I thought. It was going to be big-baby-belly big.

To be continued...

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